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Professional timer

Pro Timer

A feature-packed timer that is simple, clean, and accurate.

  • Focus mode
  • StackMat support
  • Manual time entry
  • Inspection mode
  • Change cube type
  • Up to 3 decimal points of precision
  • Hotkeys
  • Lock, copy, and reset scramble
Analytics and stats

Analytics Made for Cubers

  • Line graph to see your progress over time
  • PRs, best average of 5 and 12
  • Cubing career stats
  • Cube breakdown based on number of solves
  • Time distribution with adjustable precision


Set a cozy background for your timer, click the focus button, and cube for as long as you want.

Why Switch

Superior design

Let's be honest: cubing software has been neglected when it comes to design. With the sleek, modern design of CubeDesk, you won't want to go back to the outdated design of other timers.

Superior design
Advanced trainer

Advanced Trainer

  • 740+ algorithms to train
  • Customizable (multiple) solutions
  • Favorite algorithms
  • Train-all mode


Choose between a light or dark theme and an infinite number of primary and secondary colors

Custom trainer

Custom Trainer

Don't see the algorithm you're learning in the curated list? Create your own!

  • 2x2 and 3x3 supported
  • Not a cube? Assign an icon to it
  • 3D cube designer
  • Alternative solutions get reversed to generate scrambles
Session management

Session Management

Unlike other timers, your stats for each cube type in a session stay separate. No more having to worry about messing up your average.

Customize Everything

Freeze time 0.2sHide time when solving cube trueRequire period in manual entry mode falseConfirm delete solves falseTime decimal points 3Import data from csTimer you know itPrimary theme color greenSecondary theme color blue
Cube Icon

Distraction-Free Training

Cycle through multiple algorithms or just focus on one. CubeDesk lets you train however works best for you.

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